Hate to admit it, but I have the AF issue. Going to make a case with Nikon. Any advice?

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Re: Hate to admit it, but I have the AF issue. Going to make a case with Nikon. Any advice?

olyflyer wrote:

konoplya wrote:

Ok so until i got a wide prime, I didn't experience any issues with my left most focus point. I tried it on two different 50mm primes and a 60mm prime. Then during a shoot a week ago I was using the 28mm 1.8g and spotted that the focusing was awfully off on the left side.

So I just did a test - very basic, but very apparent - and here's the result.

I used a magazine on the table at a distance of about 5 feet, on a tripod. Took raw images at full res. Focused with AF and then LV on left most, center, and right most.

I've read on Ming Thein's site that he had his fixed and the error is due to calibration issues when they were first manufactured (link: http://blog.mingthein.com/2012/07/04/nikon-d800e-focusing-update-problem-solved/).

Any other advice on this would be most appreciated. Thank you.

You must redo the test if you want to draw any conclusions. You can't use that target, and it can not be at an angle. Also read page 100 of the manual before doing the test next time. Use the ISO12233 chart as target, tripod and good light, VR off if there is one, and make sure the live view focus area matches the PDAF area. Everything else is pointless waste of time.

thank you. would you happen to know where i can download the original chart from? i searched online but all i could find are photographs of the chart, so its already not as sharp as it should be.

EDIT: never mind, was able to find one after all

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