Watermarks is a way of cheating.

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Re: Watermarks is a way of cheating.

Victor Engel wrote:

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RaptorUK wrote:

CG33 wrote:

I know it is not against this challenge rules,

So it isn't CHEAting . . . sorry but it is very, very simple. It's also not against the DPReview Challenge rules . . . but then nothing is because there aren't any DPReview Challenge rules . . . except for the Ts & Cs and according to Scott they are meaningless and can be ignored.

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The very reason I said it's inferred/implied. Given the fact that DPR keeps the submitter(s) anonymous during the submission and voting stages, it's implied that anonymity is a requirement and desired condition of the challenge. Once again, DPR doesn't come right out and say it but infers it.

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We're that the case, then comments would not be allowed, but they are.

It is most certainly is the case . . .  at one time the Camera details were shown before voting,  I think they were removed to try and prevent people voting by brand . . .  I don't know if this was also the case with Entrants IDs or if they were always hidden.

Comments are mostly posted by people other than the Entrant,  in an ideal world comments would be allowed but not shown until after voting is complete.

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