Another over priced 5D III post.

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What planet do you live on?

marksee wrote:

I've notice (finally) a number of posts on this forum about the Canon overpricing the 5DIII on it's debut. I believe in free enterprise and charging what the market will bear. Heck, their isn't a company out there that wouldn't do the same, including photographers. I was OK with the original pricing of the 5DIII because it is a wonderful camera that fills most of my needs, but when I bought the 5DIII I did so with expectation that the price wouldn't dive within months.

Odd. I would have imagined that most people bought it with the expectation that it would work as advertised, that the AF system was as good as claimed, etc.

I know now that I will never be first again with Canon's new releases. That will be my way of stating my position to Canon and their business practices. Finally, I have been a Canon (professional) photographer for over 45 years and will probably remain so.

What planet have you been living on these last 45 years? I take it you never before bought anything electronic or mechanical, at the very least never new. Buy a new car and see its price plummet as of day one. Buy a new LCD TV and watch its price fall off a cliff.

I have an i7 laptop bought new, last year for $750. Today that exact same model is $500 (with MIR rebate). I can assure you the thought never crossed my mind to write the manufacturer to complain about how they are screwing me, and I bought the laptop expecting its price to stay exactly where it was for... some arbitrary time.

Sorry, but I have no sympathy whatsoever for all these completely ridiculous complaints on electronics dropping in prices. People keep writing these posts as if Canon were some odd exception to the rule.

I'm just hoping that enough buyers will wait for new Canon debut prices to level after introduction and that Canon feels it in lower sales. Maybe then they will rethink their future marketing decisions. Lastly, to anyone that writes a negative response to this post, Canon is reading it, so please tell them that It's not OK to ignore buyers who feel taken.

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