Sell 70-200mm VR I for 85mm 1.4G?

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Re: Sell 70-200mm VR I for 85mm 1.4G?

Tony5787 wrote:

I currently own a 70-200mm VR I and while it's great right now as I'm shooting for a college newspaper and cover a variety of sporting events as well as other events on campus (graduations, performances, etc) I'm going to be graduating soon and I'll mainly be shooting concerts and landscapes. The 70-200mm will probably be too long at the long end for most of the clubs I'll be shooting at and I've often found that even at 2.8 and ISO 3200 on the D700, it just doesn't cut it for capturing action at concerts. Do you think I'll benefit from selling the 70-200mm and getting an 85mm 1.4G instead? Or is there another prime that would better "replace" the 70-200mm's versatile range?

It depends how large the venue is. I sold my 70-200 vrii for 85 1.4G 'cause I mainly do portraits. If you can get close enough 24-70 + 85 1.4G is a great combo to do concerts. Only if you can get close enough.

135dc is a great option too but it lacks low light focusing accuracy.



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