DP2M: Which ISO setting?

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Re: DP2M: Which ISO setting?

Hello Laurence,

Laurence Matson wrote:

NeilJones wrote:

im finding iso 160 is a good happy medium for my dp1m

Whatever works for you. However, I doubt that you can tell the difference between 200 and 160 in terms of DR, shadow detail, noise, color or colour, dirt on the sensor, or anything else. Unless, of course, you have better tools than some friends of mine in San Jose.

When you press the shutter, the chances are far greater that you will meter one stop off than that you will see a benefit of exceptionally accurate metering at what amounts to one-third stop.

Hi Laurence,

If you don't mind I have a few questions about the DPxM camera in relation with the ISO setting:

1- Any gain in using ISO 100 (DR of scene allowing) for larger size prints as opposed to ISO 200?

2- How accurate is the histogram in the above cameras and how much can we rely on it?

3- What about using a +.3 to +.7 exp. comp. day in day out?

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