If you're a 5DII owner on the fence about upgrading to a 5DIII and you really don't have the cash

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If you really don't have the cash, then don't buy it :-)

Matt Shelton wrote:

Take the following steps:

1) Show your 3 1/2 year old, who has a particular fascination with all of your camera equipment, but who at this moment is acutely fascinated with the CF card, how to open up the CF card slot, take out the card and put it back in.

2) Don't supervise your son while he plays with this for awhile.

3) Once your son is done, try to put the CF card back in the CF slot.

4) Find out, much to your horror, that the CF card won't go in the CF slot.

5) Send your 5DII, which on one hand has given you superb service over the past almost 4 years, but on the other hand is a camera that you always wished had a better AF system and frame rate, into Canon for repair.

6) Get an estimate that because there are bent CF pins, the unit will require a new main PBC assembly unit (whatever that is), putting you back about $700.

7) Decide that you'd much rather put that $700 towards a brand spanking new 5DIII.

8) Go into your local BestBuy, if you have one, apply for a credit card for the full purchase price, get approved, and take advantage of their deferred 18-month no interest financing option.

Enjoy your new camera!

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