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Re: "software corrected" lenses - the future now?

Midwest wrote:

IMO I am willing to live with software or firmware correction of lenses if it keeps them affordable while providing a wider range or prevents them becoming behemoths. If processing in RAW requires custom lens profiles to correct the image in RAW conversion I have no problem with that so long as the software is good. In my case Canon provides a very good application (Digital Photo Professional) which I enjoy using and I don't much care if there are some photo apps that can't work with the lens I used.

What I sometimes do is do the RAW conversion in DPP and if there is some fine detail I would rather work with in another program, I tweak the JPG in that program when the lens correction has already been done. Really I very seldom need to resort to that; I like using DPP.

Optically perfect lenses (if they exist - do they?), or lenses which work as a system in tandem with firmware or software, if they provide the same end result, make no difference to me.

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Do people really spend $700 on a camera so they can take a picture of a duck?

It must be my eye but again, at 28mm I have not seen any distortion or other issues in RAW with the RX, maybe I am just not that critical (I probably am not).

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