The RX100 might be getting all the plaudits....

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So tell me, do you shoot all the time at ISO 3200? or would it be fair to say that most people are going to shoot at base ISO or thereabouts ? Of course a larger sensor camera will do better, but then the X10 will do much better at 112mm at f2.8. I very rarely go as high as ISO 1600, so the X10 does very well for the vast majority of what I will shoot. It's not all about high ISO for most people. Give me a faster high quality lens every time on a camera like this. If I want higher ISO performance I'll use my OMD and a fast prime, it's not often I need it.

That's an awful waste of a good camera then, if you rarely need anything other than your X10. But even if you compare the X10 with the RX100 at base ISO (or thereabouts), you unfairly stacked the deck in favor of the X10. The RX100 does have a smaller aperture at maximum zoom, but it also has a sensor that's twice the area of the X10, so its ISO 200 is about as clean as the X10's ISO 100, pretty much negating the aperture advantage. But you failed to compare them at the opposite end, and at 28mm the RX100's lens is f/1.8 vs the X10's f/2.0, so the RX100 not only has a slight aperture advantage, it can take advantage of an extra stop of higher ISO to increase the shutter speed, if needed. And don't forget that the RX100 is capable of much higher resolution than the X10.

You may see no need for more than 10mp, but several X10 owners have written here that they hoped that the X10's successor has a larger, higher resolution sensor. Unfortunately, this won't happen according to what the Fujifilm rep. at PhotoPlus said, but he also shared their opinion, saying that his own preference would have been for the X20 to have a 1" sensor.

I didn't buy the X10 to mainly replace my OMD, it's just for when I only want a small body without the hassle of changing lenses. I'm aware that the RX100 has some advantages, but so does the X10, quite a few of them that are quite critical, such as an OVF and also the ability to use my FL36R flash in slave mode, which works very well indeed. It isn't all about the size of the sensor or resolution, it's the package as a whole, that's the point I'm making.

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