NX1000 Wide/Macro Lens

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I have a similar wide+macro lens at a very low price.

The wide lens allowed my 20-50mm lens take wider pictures.  But the photo is only sharp at centre and the details in the corners are, in my opinion, below an acceptable standard.  But if you set a smaller aperture, the details in the corner should be improved.

The photo below is taken by my 20-50mm wide open with the 0.45x wide lens:

On the other hand, the macro lens is much interest to use.  It captures very good details in the centre.  You can focus your object from a normal 30cm to as close as 1 to 3 cm.  It should be good for shooting steady object but not moving object.

But I tried to shoot a fly using that macro lens.  It is not bad.

That macro lens lead me to the world of macro photography and finally I purchased the 60mm macro lens.

You may find it an interesting toy to play with but don't take it seriously in terms of photo quality.

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