In camera HDR scene mode - FZ200

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Re: In camera HDR scene mode - FZ200

You just need to be careful and not point it at the sun for very long.  The optics focus the light to a point on the sensor and it will heat up very quickly especially when the sun is high in the sky and passing through less atmospher.  Just be careful and take the shot quickly.  The light path will heat up very quickly.

When I was a kid I had a cheap telescope and didn't understand the dynamics and while I had a sun filter it was an eyepiece filter like the type used for welding masks.  The sun focused to a point on the eyepiece heated up the filter and it cracked.  Luckly I was just pulling my face away from the eyepiece when it cracked or my eye would have taken an intense hit.  The optics heated up so that the tube became very hot!  Think about how you can start a fire with a maginfying glass.  The lens on the camera is a magnifying glass.  The lens mounting is plastic in these cameras and I don't think you want it to get to hot although I would think the sensor would fry first.

Sunset is safer...less intense sunlight due to it passing through more atmospher but it will still heat up if you leave it there too long.

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