Pro DX is Dead

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Re: The D5200 is interesting because it clearly targets the EOS 60D...

It is just the way things go. First there was only DX, then came FX and there no longer was a D-single-digit DX camera. Now we have come to the point where there will be no D-triple-digit DX camera.

The D-triple-digit DX line has to go. Be it this generation, or the next, but it will have to go.

People that need AF, build, pro features, etc. can buy the D800. People that want speed need to go D4 or keep their D300(s).

The D7000 replacement will add new features that will be very close to the current D300s features. Yes, they may not add all of them this time, and you may not like all the new features. But the difference between a D300s and a D7000 replacement will be small, to small to be covered by another camera.


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