Some examples with the new Nikkor 18-300VR DX

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Re: Some examples with the new Nikkor 18-300VR DX

Guidenet wrote:

rapick wrote:

18-200 VR has been my faithful travel companion, too. At least during the last 5 years. Never regretted not to have carried "higher quality" lenses. These are for my "serious hobby"...

Why is not traveling part of your "serious hobby?" Why does IQ take a back seat when away from your house? What do you take pictures of at your house that is part of your "serious hobby" and deserves the "higher quality" lenses?

When do you take the most images, at home or away from home?

I'm really not trying to be a smart-azz here. I'm just not understanding this serious hobby stuff verses being away from one's house. I really honestly believe that most owners of supposed "travel zooms" use them all the time because they've made that mental switch to wanting convenience over IQ. The higher quality lenses, if they exist, are on the shelf gathering dust. I think when that happens, it becomes a slippery slope to compact mirrorless then maybe compact P&S over time. The passion is just not there anymore. Just an opinion and has nothing to do with the skill of the photographer, just his/her interests. It also may not describe you. I have no idea. Just asking out of interest.

Have a wonderful evening.

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Cheers, Craig
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My "serious hobby" is stage (theatre - dance - concert) photography. serious because a few artists /art managers sometimes chose my 'works' for commercial use (album covers - advertising posters - portfolios) - hobby because I never asked to be paid fot that. Lighting is challenging most of the times, so) I carry my D700 with either my autofocus setup (Nikkor 18/2.8 -  50/1.4 - 80-200/2.8) or my AIS's (24/2.0 - 50/1.2 - 135/2.0).

Travel photography for me has a different scope: it is just for building a photo-diary for myself and my friends. I know that it can be serious job for other people - but not for me. There are so many external constrains...

Example: you are travelling Tibet for a 'once on a lifetime' shot of the North wall of Mt Everest - Now it is in front of you, but hidden behind a thick courtain of clouds - it will become visible maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week, maybe in a month - but your visa will be expired, then. Does it matter if you came carrying a D800E + 14-24/2.8 + 200/2.0 + 300/2.8 or just a cellphone camera? - There are people who travel for taking pictures - I don't, definitely.

Hope I replied your questions.


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