1DX or switch to Nikon?

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Re: 1DX or switch to Nikon?

rxgolf wrote:

Well, I will admit to being a Nikon Fan Boy even though I have owned the Mark III, Mark IV, 1DsII , and the 1DsIII. They were all very good, but the camera I shot most in recent years was the D3s. The high iso performance was just the best, plus it focused fast and accurate, and it just felt like quality in your hand. Therefore I was on my local D4 waiting list way before the D4 was announced because IMO tech keeps improving. My trusty rep got me one of the first D4's that was talked about and when I began to shoot, I felt that the files were a slight improvement and the ability to focus was even better than the D3s which was saying something. After a few weeks however, I begin noticing random shots, sometimes even easy stuff that was coming up out of focus and the body itself just did not feel as robust as the previous pro body. Sadly after I had a few shots here and there come out really overexposed, I added up these minor misses and the hunger to try the big MP d800 grew so big that I moved the D4 out and a d800 in. I did a wedding with the d800 and the high ISO ability was a real surprise, much better than I expected from those huge files. As for those huge files....they could be amazing. I sold some 40x60 metal prints that decorate a business and the detail is amazing. But I soon found a few deal breakers for me. One is that the feel of a d8oo with grip IMHO stinks when compared to a pro body. Second was that though I was getting some amazingly detailed shots with great colors, I always felt I just had to either keep the shutter speed high or be using a tripod for most shots or image quality might suffer. Lastly, once again I would get some random shots out of focus that should have been easy.

Now, all of this could have been user error no doubt, but frustrated I decided to give the 1DX a try. I have put about 4000 clicks on it. As I was waiting for it to arrive the client who has the 40x60 metal print asked me to shoot again because she wanted an additional 40x60 on a facing wall where the other hangs. I was a little apprehensive but excited to see how the 1DX file could stand up to the massive file from the d800. I guess the only thing that needs said is that the client loved them both and never said a word about noticing any difference between the two. If I look hard from a very close distance I think I can see more detail in the d800 shot, but the 1DX gives up very little even at that size. The files are really really nice, but so are the Nikon files. What makes me keep the 1DX is:

1. The 1DX consistently nails the focus in single shot, in high speed servo, in bright light, in almost no light and I am yet to miss focus on a shot that I had any chance of getting. No surprises and better than expected.

2. The 1DX has yet to give me a random horribly metered exposure. No surprises when I look at the files.

3. The current Canon feels better made than the current Nikon pro body, and this is the first time I have felt this way.

4. Unfortunately, I still like the feel and finish of the Nikon glass a bit better, but the Canon glass performance is delivering too. The high end Nikon glass just feels a bit more luxurious to me.

At this point, I am 100% sure the 1DX is helping me get the best shots of my life. So many bodies are just SO good now, but when I head out with the 1DX, I shy away from nothing that I want or need to shoot. The camera is so consistently good that I feel like I can get the shot without surprise. For landscape, though not huge the files are beautiful. For fast action, this camera can scream and all the while nail the focus shot after shot. I could go on, but I will just shut up and say I can think of no assignment where using the 1DX will embarrass you!


I'm almost embarrassed to keep saying how good the X is, I might get branded a fanboy or something. I've shot with and owned most makes of camera from 35mm to LF in the last 40 plus years, my favourite camera to use is a Rolleiflex, the best most capable adaptable camera I've ever had is the X. I can't find any area where it disappoints me. I'm sure the D4 is similar but my lenses fit the X.


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