Said Good Bye to my Canon 5D MK II today.

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Re: Ouch...I would have never done it but...enjoy.

IQ is important but it certainly isn't the only thing to be concerned about. My D7000 has better IQ than my EM5, it's easier to access all of the functions and I love it. The EM5 does however produce images that are of acceptable level (very good in fact), the functionality is good  for the main controls once set up and the size and weight is an absolute dream. I'm not a professional but I do like to have good kit, the EM5 is here to stay as it suits my purpose and has the additional benefit of being able to be taken underwater without mortgaging my house (unlike the Nikon). The D7000's a great camera but for my purposes the EM5 is a better one.

If people realise what they need rather than what they lust after (or what the marketing departments make them think they want) then cameras like the EM5 will have a bright future.

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