Pen FT 40mm f1.4 worth it?

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Re: Pen FT 40mm f1.4 worth it?

XA4 wrote:

I'm about to buy an Olympus Pen FT camera with a 40mm f1.4 lens with the intention to use the lens on my NEX 5n.
How is the IQ compared to a Canon FDn 50mm 1.4?
Wat would be the correct price for the camera + the lens (without lens caps and without any other accessories)?
I see crazy prices on eBay, but I don't know if they are realistic.
Thanks for helping me out.

If I had to go with just one lens on my NEX, it would be the PEN-F 40/1.4. It is a better lens on the NEX, compared to the FD 50/1.4. It is much smaller, sharper wide open, and has a more practical focal length.

Prices are not crazy. If a lens with this build quality could be bought today, it would set you back a lot more compared to the ebay prices. A good and complete (caps and case) 40/1.4 would cost around $200, but you could get a scratched lens without caps for much less, and your sensor would not notice the difference. In your case, without caps and a working FT body (ask about the light meter!), I would bid $250 max if it is in good condition and sell the body if you will not use it.

You can read some more on this forum here .

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