Too many "gear heads" and not enough photographers here.

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Re: You really don't get it.

NeilJones wrote:

tron999 wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

Welcome to the Nikon FX SLR (D1-D4, D600-D800) Talk Forum, the place to discuss Nikon D4, D3, D600, D800, D700 full-frame digital SLRs (and the older D1 & D2 Pro models)

This is a gear forum, not a general photography forum. What part of that do you not understand?

You need to park your butt over in this forum:

Welcome to the Portrait and People Photography Forum, the place to discuss techniques and share galleries and tips related to photographing people (including weddings).

Is there a way I can give you multiple thumps-ups?

why is everyone so negative ?

why not try being positive just for once.

Who is being negative exactly?  It's not a positive thing to keep the industry honest about their advertising and marketing?  Isn't that what DP Review does in the first place?  They take sample measurement photos to compare to other cameras, and critique the cameras.

Most of the negativity has come from naysayers and fan-boys that can't believe Nikon could produce some defective cameras - and fail to admit it publicly.

Some of us aren't "professional" photographers, but just because I don't receive money doesn't mean that the enjoyment I get from my art is any less valuable than the enjoyment a bride gets from pictures taken of her wedding.  Olympic athletes aren't paid, are their efforts any less valuable than those of the athletes in mainstream professional sports?

In that vain, as an amateur, our funds are limited.  Some of us don't have money to burn and save a long time to buy a nice piece of gear.  The D800 (on paper) was the perfect camera for me.  I wanted a full frame Nikon to use with the lenses I had, future pro glass that I bought, and to start a collection of MF Nikkors.  I had been saving for a D700 and when they released the D800 I saved a little more and bought that.  This was supposed to be my last digital camera, as I feel the technology has no matured enough that from this point forward it will mostly be about bells and whistles, not raw image quality.

That said, the auto focus issues that the D800 has are very limiting.  More frustrating because my $1200 D300 wipes the floor with it when it comes to AF performance.

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