A Crucial StatementFrom www.dcresource.com That Puts The G15 In A Great Position vs. Nikon/Panny JPG

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Anyone Care To Explain These Sample Image Comparisons ?

ZoranC wrote:

Lies, damn lies, and camera tests, it's so easy to end up seeing only what one wants to see or what others end up making you see. It is impossible to judge camera through single set of studio shots so I prefer to test myself in real world. Below is side-by-side from P7700 vs. G15 (Nikon being on left hand side), first upper right corner and then lower right corner, shot at practical infinity. Make sure you see them at full size, remember DPR reduces quality of uploaded images, and form your own conclusions.

Also, people like to parrot that G15 has faster lens. Yeah, that is true. But in side-by-side shooting I have been getting more sharp keepers at same focal length from Nikon's slower lens than I was from Canon. I was even getting more sharp keepers from Nikon at 200mm F4 than I was from Canon full tele at 2.8, that's how good VR on P7700 vs. IS on G15 was working for me.

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