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Re: HLD-6

newsed1 wrote:

For those in the UK who have applied for the free grip, I got mine in yesterday's post, about 21 days after getting a confirmation note.

I used it today, for the Jubilee flotilla, for the first time and am massively impressed. It transforms the usability of the EM-5, especially when using it with the Panasonic 100-300mm. I won't be taking it off.


I have a mixed feeling regarding the grip:

- the horizontal part is very effective in my opinion, I like it, it does not add too much bulk to the overall size/weigth of the camera and it allows for a more central tripod mount screw hole. I think I could consider to leave the small grip part always mounted but the big annoyance is that you have to remove it every time you need to change the battery.

- the vertical part is more problematic for me: the final size/weight becomes not so negligible, in vertical position the hand is feeling nice and you get two extra custom Fn buttons but in this condition I find a little bit too ankward the use of the arrows keys for moving the focus point with the thumb. In addition the hassle for mounting/unmounting the grip to replace the body battery is not avoided, and the double-in-camera battery charging requires an additional charger (with a proprietary plug as for what I can see) unreasonably highly priced.

As final note I think that this grip is not perfect but it is well made, it adds fexibility and is very useful for sure but, as usual for the Olympus accessories policy, in my humble opinion the price is simply way too high for what you get.


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