Spyder3Print for profiling CD/DVDs

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Re: Spyder3Print for profiling CD/DVDs

To close the topic...

Yesterday I succeeded in creating profiles for my SONY CD-Rs. In the following lines I will give a short description of the neccessary steps to profile CD/DVDs with Spyder3Print.

1. Print the targets. These are 4 files named "225 PatchCDTarget?.tif". One can find them in the ...\Datacolor\Spyder3Print\Targets folder. I could not find a way to print them from within the Spyder soft so I was using Qimage (see previous posts for details).

2. Start the Spyder software, enter the info in the description fields and at the place for selecting a target to print/read select High Quality Target. This is the first target in the NON EZ group, has 225 patches, and corresponds to the "High Quality Target.tif" file in the Targets folder. The color order is the same as the one for the CD targets.

3. Skip the printing and start reading the patches printed on the CD. On the screen this is visible as reading the High Quality 225 target.

4. Generate the profile and enjoy. In my case the improvement is impressive, but I am using 3rd party (OCP) inks. Probably for the OEM inks user a profile is not really neccessary.

One last note concerning the non color managed CD Label printing software available with the printer or from 3rd parties. In the DPR thread I cite in the OP ((http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/thread/2938695#forum-post-37444949) there is a description on how to replace the standard profile used by the non-color managed applications (thanks to BrightGuy). I did not try that, but I suppose that it will work for the ones who prefer to alter the way their non-color managed, favorite CD-Label printing software is managing the print. I will go the CD/DVD label printing with Qimage, PSE, PS... way. In my opinion, once a template is created, one has more flexibility to produce a nice label, comparing with the provided with the printer CD-Labeling soft.

Thanks to all who contributed!


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