error 0xc000007b

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Something has been moved or deleted

Given your description of the situation, 0xC000007B is in this instance likely to be a Win32 status value, and not a bugcheck (bluescreen) error. The advice you got from the previous two posters is therefore incorrect, and the articles they specified do not apply to your situation.

The 'C' simply means a critical error, though it's nothing to do with 'c' being the first letter of the word "critical". Long story

The 7b part is hexadecimal for 123, and as a Win32 status code it stands for the following:


123 (0x7B)

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

In other words, either the shortcut you're using to launch the app points to something which has been moved or deleted, or (more likely) the app itself is actually starting, but then finding that a component or file it needs does not exist in the location it's expected to be.

There's insufficient info to be more specific than that. Try to determine where the shortcut is pointing to, and whether all the things the app needs to start are still available in their previous locations.

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