Street Dancer Challenge winner.

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Re: Street Dancer Challenge winner.

Marlyn0082 wrote:

Hello all,

Just wanted to clarify that you cannot judge or rather assume that everyone is cheating or even say that it is the same person. I submitted both of these pictures (Tender Love and Acing Poker) to the challenges for fun. I am not Carlos or Don Quijote, I am Marlyn Ortega, and I do not think is fair to others that you go and voice out things to which you have no proof. I don't know who Ginger07 is, but I thank him/her for the comment. Here is my flickr gallery, some of the pictures that I submitted are also there. I hope this serves as a response to the allegation that I cheated. Thank you!

Do you have any contact (besides the public comments on you challenge entries) with any of the people who own the following accounts?

Henry G

Marleny Almeida




Don Quijote de La Habana

I'm not trying to imply that you have broken any kind of rule... I'm just curious.

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