Interpretation of images

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Re: Interpretation of images

Raaj, it is not necessary to understand the intent of the artist to appreciate a particular work. Quite often his thinking-through the intention of the work may be incredibly simplistic, or it can be deeply complex. Either way it can easily escape the viewer's understanding. It most often does.

This might be a generalization on my part. It is: If the viewer is unaware of the presence of intention then the work fails him. It is a delicate distinction between what you quoted above in bold, and the conclusion you drew immediately after. Don't worry about whether you get the intent or not - it doesn't matter. If you feel there is no thoughtful statement (held silent) behind a work then it fails for you. But if you understand there is intent, even if you can't figure out what it might be, then the fun comes from trying to infer interpretations and associations from the work - the artist's original point of departure be damned.

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