Bunch of M4/3 Oly Primes, time to ditch the 12-50mm?

Started Nov 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Bunch of M4/3 Oly Primes, time to ditch the 12-50mm?

Thanks for the responses.

If the consensus was to keep the 12-50mm because it's weather sealed, and an ok performer, I would most likely sell the 12-50mm and get the 35-100mm Panasonic, as it's also weather sealed and an excellent performer. I would miss out on the ultra-wide shots, but I think for a lens of it's performance I might be willing to sacrifice the 66mm equiv focal length.

You're absolutely right Steve. I don't plan to take any of my primes with me to South America if I have the 35-100mm.

Thanks mring. Its performance passed 30mm and my lack of video shooting and requring motorized zoom is leaning me more and more towards the Pana.

The only thing I can see myself missing from the 12-50 is the macro ability... could be very very handy at restaurants at night.

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