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I'd point out that some superzooms can go from 24mm to 1200mm (35mm Equiv.) to Macro in an instant, something a DSLR clearly cannot do quickly or inexpensively. There are many opportunity shots that can be caught with a superzoom that would be missed with a DSLR.

I can't count the number of times I was out birding when a newt, spider, insect or butterfly happened to be within inches of my camera.  WIth a superzoom a simple flick of a switch puts me in macro mode and I get the shot.  With my DSLR, I'd have not gotten the shot.

For the casual photographer, superzooms have a niche.  They are pretty nice birding and nature photography cameras offering a lot of versatility. To achieve the same capability with a DSLR you would be looking at thousands of dollars in lenses and accessories.  You would be lugging multiple lenses, some of which would be very heavy and expensive and likely you would frequently be swapping lenses to try to get the shot you wanted.  I've recently looked at the Canon SX50 and find the IQ to be quite remarkable for this class of camera.

Many here seem to concentrate on IQ and low noise but if that was the end-all, why do we settle for anything smaller than a medium or large format camera?  It is a trade off of convenience.  Many are perfectly happy to trade some IQ for the convenience of a smaller form factor.

After all is said and done, it is not the camera that makes the photograph, it is the photographer.

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'There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.'
-- Ansel Adams

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