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Re: "software corrected" lenses - the future now?

Andrewteee wrote:

Tom, Software correction will be a bigger deal for RAW shooters rather than JPG shooters (for whom it may essentially be a non-issue). I shot RAW with the Sony RX100 and at the wide end the lens distortion was nasty. It was so far out of whack that without automatic profiles I could not adequately correct it. Multiply that by n number of focal lengths in the zoom lens. Fortunately, Lightroom now has profiles for it, however I prefer to use RAW Developer for RAW processing.

I would prefer not to rely on lens correction. I shoot primarily with the GRD4 and the A12 units, none of which have any lens correction that I can see. I'd prefer it that way. The A16 does have distortion at the wide end, but it's tolerable, and depending on the scene hardly noticeable in some cases (still, I wish it wasn't there).

The increased use of lens correction either force you to use JPG or to use a PP program that has built-in profiles, reducing the number of app options.

Lens correction is a powerful tool (it is what makes the RX100 possible), but for better IQ I'd prefer to avoid it and start with a "cleaner" digital negative.

IWO I hope that lens correction is not the norm.

I will have tplay more at the wide end now that aperture chats RAW for the RX.  So far I have not noticed any issues, but this is what I love about a GRD prime, a great lens.

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