Bunch of M4/3 Oly Primes, time to ditch the 12-50mm?

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Re: Don't forget the weather sealing!

I'd keep the kit lens.

I bought my om-d the day before we flew to Peru for a tour of all the usual spots. I was planning to take my fuji x pro 1 and the 3 primes they've produced. My concern was rain that was predicted.

Along with the kit, I took 3 panny lenses I own: 20f1.7 for interiors (but photography was prohibited almost everywhere indoors), the 7-14 (a great combo with the om-d) and a 45-200 (Not a great lens but ok when I needed the range).

I used the kit lens almost all the time and it did really well. I noticed how much more pleasant it was than the constant lens switching on the fuji.

As far as I can tell the 12-50 has been inappropriately maligned. Other than in low light situations it was sharp, quick and accurately focusing and the macro capability came in handy too.

Sure the primes are better, but will there be times when you don't want to take the time to switch lenses? Will it take long enough to miss a great image? Will you just get lazy and skip taking images because switching isn't worth the trouble?

I think you might. I know I have done all of those things.

You can see some of the exposures here:


Click on each picture to advance to the next.

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