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I appreciate your honest answer here.

Actually, nearly ALL the Christians (and religious folks in general)...that I have asked this same question...have been ​unwilling ​to say that ​they could be wrong.

Most say, that "they know" there is a god, so therefore the "could be wrong" option is never applicable.

I don't think itchhhy will publicly admit that ​he could be wrong with regard to the existence of god.


"know" i like that word. throughout all time men have thought they "knew" things that were later proven to be wrong.

If we could "know" without any possibility of being wrong that there is a God - - we wouldn't need faith.

dont get me wrong though I do believe that there is a God, I believe it with all of my heart and I try my best to live my life accordingly by living with love toward my God and also toward everyone else.

yea I do screw up from time to time, but like I said - I am just a man

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