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xandxor wrote:

Thank you for your honesty. Skepticism, whether toward your God, or toward Evolution (which I of course believe is misplaced), is not in itself a vice.

If you don't mind speaking more on the subject, how do you square your skepticism with the so-called Unforgivable Sin? Or do you take a more liberal reading?

Skepticism - I wouldnt call it that. That makes it sound like I doubt that there is a God - I dont doubt it. I am 100% as sure as a man can be that there is a God, But I also realize that as a man I am always subject to error.

As to "unforgivable Sin" or blaspheme against the holy spirit I dont think there is anything to square as you put it.

The Bible flat out states that we have to rely on faith, by its definition it means I must trust without proof.

I do trust that there is a God - I trust it with all my heart, but the fact that there is no proof also means I could be wrong, but as I said before, if I knew for sure I could not be wrong - - why would I need faith?

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