D800 vs MF Film, not a standard question

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Robin is spot on..

I agree completely. I've shot a few of the same film formats as Robin (35, 6x6MF, 4x5 LF) and I agree. There is absolutely no reason to mess around with film in medium format given the reasons he has mentioned. However - if you were to go off and explore 4x5, well, that will teach you shot discipline, you'll get great quality, and you'll learn a lot about tilts/shifts and the control they offer and also get to experience the pros/cons of film.  And I agree that the time you might spend in MF film would be better spent on maxing out the craft aspect of digital. The D800E is capable of amazing things; yet to truly see the ceiling of what that camera is capable of, one has to be at the top of their game. (Note: this does NOT in any way mean one has to be perfect to shoot a D800 - my statement is about getting to the very top level, the highest plateau, of what the camera is capable of, not whether the camera is usable to a wide gamut of users, which it certainly is).

So my suggestion, if you're interested, is to try out some 4x5 large format and bypass the whole MF film experience. I just don't see the point honestly. There is *no* way I'd ever go back to film for anything except large format; unfortunately I sold my large format gear many moons ago, a move I still regret....


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