One SSD + one SATA, or two SSD + two SATA

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260MB/sec read, 250MB/sec write

Thanks Richard for taking the time to reply back. I think you're right, I'm probably about at the maximum performance with my current PC hardware. I do think the 1.33GB catalog file is slowing things down, I will work on reducing that size in the next few days.

I benchmarked both SSD drives, the results are below:

Based on what you mentioned earlier, I don't think using the Intel 40GB SSD above will help me out much. I bought it basically for increased read speeds as compared with a HDD (especially random read speeds, such as for the OS), knowing the write speeds were slow, and I was OK with that at the time.

I also looked into SATA 3 PCI express cards, but I'm not convinced I'd see much of an improvement. I think read/writes on my Samsung SSD (above) aren't quite saturating the 3Gbps SATA 2 interface, at least for sustained sequential read/writes.

Based on your feedback and the info above, I think I'll need to work on the catalog file, and other than that, wait for a new PC build (I don't think it's worth my money to buy $100 in RAM and/or a new processor, when I'm stuck with a motherboard from a few generations ago).


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