One SSD + one SATA, or two SSD + two SATA

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Intel X25-V 40GB

kelpdiver wrote:

but what is the intel 40gb model? The E series are good for longeavity, but these older ones don't have great performance by current standards, esp compared to the 830, which is much faster than your SATA2 interface will allow. It may do you more good as a caching drive if you use Intel's SRT (or OCZ's version).

Hi kd - I mistakenly wrote "E" thinking "Economy," but it's actually "V" for "Value."  So it's the Intel X25-V, one of the entry level SSD's intel put out a few years ago.  Sequential reads are about 150-180MB/sec and sequential writes are about 30-35MB/sec.  I originally got it due to the benefit of reduced seek times and increased read time, understanding the trade off with lower write speed (no problem for me).

I'll look into Intel's SRT, but it may be the end of the road for this SSD in my current computer.  Maybe better off throwing it in my old laptop...


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