Another over priced 5D III post.

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marksee wrote:

I've notice (finally) a number of posts on this forum about the Canon overpricing the 5DIII on it's debut.

when I bought the 5DIII I did so with expectation that the price wouldn't dive within months. Still, what upsets me most is the lack of response by Canon to the original buyers who "feel" taken, and what upsets me second most is the response by members of this forum to posters here like me who feel taken.

So not only where you naive and foolish enough to believe that Canon wouldn't do exactly what every other business does (and has done for years). - Hell people were talking about "when will the price drop" even before it launched - but you also had to start a separate thread to just repeat what has already been said in the other threads?

As for thinking that Canon base their decisions on what we say in a web forum, that is just tragic.

Everyone with half a brain knew the price of the 5D3 would drop quickly, because that is what always happens. If you aren't smart enough to know that, or are just unable to control your urge to spend money, you should probably give over control of your bank account to a responsible adult.

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