Some examples with the new Nikkor 18-300VR DX

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Re: Some examples with the new Nikkor 18-300VR DX

thomo wrote:

I will definitely be keeping it! There is no point carrying multiple lenses when you are touring.

By the time you've swapped lenses the subject or opportunity has passed.

Unless you are doing giant prints the superzooms are fine. The 18-300 is every bit as good as the 18-200 in terms of IQ. When I zoom into 100% on the Camaro you can see the month of expiry on the number plate - and that was taken from 11 stories up.

I did one holiday with the 16-85 and was not overly impressed with it and plus it didn't give me the coverage at the wide end (that's why I need to have the 12-24 on the other body).

I've done prints 1.5m wide of images done with the 18-200 (using PS to up-res) and they are very sharp. With the modern cameras and the high ISO performance and VR you can generally shoot most things at f8 which produces acceptable results. People need to remember back to the film days when 8x10" prints were almost the best you could do (unless you shot tranny).

I do 19x14" (A3+) prints shot with DX digital cameras that are equal to what I used to get from my Hasselblad (film) cameras and the majority of them were shot with the 18-200.

Oh, and fortunately we don't have daylight saving on the west coast


18-200 VR has been my faithful travel companion, too. At least during the last 5 years. Never regretted not to have carried "higher quality" lenses. These are for my "serious hobby"...

This time, spending one month in Braunschweig (Germany) for work, even D200 + 18-200 was too heavy and too bulky to carry...


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