Guidance - Portrait Professional vs Photoshop for Portrait work

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Re: Guidance - Portrait Professional vs Photoshop for Portrait work

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I suppose I'm seeking clarification/confirmation from the more experienced amongst you !

But am I right in thinking that using the tools within Photoshop will yeild better more natural looking results than software like Portrait Professional ?

From what I see the results from PP look very fake even on the lower settings. If this is not the way to go, would anyone like to share their workflow of what they do with Portrait retouching in PS?

I tried out a dodge and burn process that I followed on a youtube video which I was very impressed with and offered me far more control compared to the automation of PP.

I retouch portraits professionally for my work and the name of PP attracted me and I tried a free download trial. I found it awful, designed for people who think PhotoShop is difficult. It's not. Designed for people who want every picture of a girl to look like a magazine cover, which hopefully you don't. Use PS and learn it bit by bit and you will need no other software.


Then I say you didn't spend enough time with it..the same as you accuse others of doing with Photoshop. Heck, even the National Association of Photoshop Professionals gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. I use PS extensively and can retouch with ease in it, so retouching in PS CS6 is not an issue. It is just easier and quicker in Portrait Professional. I am not looking for magazine-cover type skin or retouching. I dial it back quite a bit and it works well. But everyone has different tools. I know what works quickest for me, and as someone stated above...time is money.

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I am happy it works for you Kevin. I have no idea of your workflow and I guess you don't know mine either. I did try PP quite extensively and I can categorically say it did not work for our style of work. I am not quite sure what I am accused of either.


it's just odd that you say it "can't" work for you because between it's adjustability and using it on a separate layer with a mask and varied opacity it can be as subtle as you want.

As can PS if you know how to use it.

and if you don't mind spending the time, more power to you. Why did you ask then?

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