Nex-7 with HVL-F43AM over exposure

Started Nov 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
nosnoop Senior Member • Posts: 1,694
Re: Nex-7 with HVL-F43AM over exposure

Roundeler wrote:

Given the limits of exposure speed annoying me with the new-7, I feel handicapped.

What limitations are you talking about?

If you plan to use slow shutter speed (probably require the use of a tripod), you can change the flash mode to "Slow Sync".

Basically, you can control the exposure of the subject and background separately.

Control the subject exposure using the Flash Exposure Compensation.

Control the background exposure using aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

There is also a auto scene mode "night portrait" that you can try - though it is mainly used for outdoor scene.    And if you like bounce flash, then by all means, use the bounce flash.  Direct flash is always going to give you harsh shadows; though it is useful in daylight fill flash, and you can dial down the flash power using the flash exposure compensation to give you a more natural look.

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