Another over priced 5D III post.

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Re: Another over priced 5D III post.

CBuff wrote:

A while back, Johnson & Johnson had a unique cardiology stent for coronary artery disease, a drug-coated stent. They overpriced the introduction, and their customers, interventional cardiologists, were forced to buy into this overpriced device to remain in the business.

Fast forward few years: what used to be the market leader, Johnson & Johnson, just announced few months ago that they are exiting this business. From an unquestioned market leader with 80% market share to a disgraceful market exit in less than a decade.

This is a great lesson that should be taught in business school about how to botch a product introduction by overpricing it arrogantly. Canon should read this, and learn from it. Not too late to react, and do the "Right Thing" to its most valuable customers (the early adopter).

Competition doesn't destroy businesses, arrogance does.

Oh good grief, get a grip!  It's just a camera!

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