Pentax 560mm lens now listed on Adorama...any takers!

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Re: Overpriced product - just buy Sigma 500/4.5

tinetz wrote:

It's pointless to stress the optical quality of a lens without ever having seen a single image taken with it.

It's also pointless to whine over the fact that a new on the market lens has a higher initial price point than a seven years on the market third party lens.

I was actually discussing whether the Pentax 560mm is US $2000 better than the Sigma 500mm given what we know. This is part of why I participate in these forums. It gives me a way to clarify my thinking about the products that I probably would never actually see without having to buy them first.

It would be nice if other people would actually have decent counter points, instead of just running down the discussion. I'm naturally biased to one side or the other, so it is hard to really be fair, but if the other side can't come out with anything other than ad hominems, then I am stuck either trying to get them to actually think, or just having to rely only on my judgement of what is known.

Sure I can wait until someone buys the product, or hopefully, some test site actually does a review, but how long will that take? Even then, it's not concrete, look at the divergence in what people say about a product like the 18-135mm. We only seem to get a convergence of opinion when a lens is truly great, any variance and it is just a squabble of seagulls picking over garbage.

So forging on:

  • Sigma has a better warranty. Four years versus one year, (location dependent, but we can't all live in Spain although it is a beautiful country, and I think a lot would like to).
  • The Sigma can be used with a TC and TC is available today.
  • Is for sale and can be rented to try out
  • The Sigma has a shorter minimum focus distance, 4 meters to 5.6 meters
  • The Sigma can be used with an extension ring to lower the minimum focus distance. I bought a couple of Quantaray AF 2x TC for Pentax at a closing Ritz store a few weeks ago and removed the glass from one. Each cost about US $25. I now have about a 25mm AF extension ring. Kenko used to make a 25mm AF extension ring for Pentax, UNIPLUS TUBE, as well. The Kenko was about the same cost of buying a cheap 2x TC, like the Vivitar TC. I've not tried removing the glass from the Vivitar nor seen on in person, so this is only an idea. I'm not saying it can be done.
  • The Sigma is about 7 inches/17.8 cm shorter than the Pentax
  • Both weigh about the same, 3100g to 3040g
  • The Sigma uses 46mm filters to the Pentax's 40.5mm. Sigma and Pentax include a CPL in the purchase. The Sigma also comes with a UV and a front filter.
  • The Sigma 500mm is a FF lens
  • Lens coats and dedicated rain jackets for the lens from third parties
  • Pentax is only using the DA nomenclature on the 560mm lens.
  • Pentax isn't using the best coatings on the 560mm lens, but it does has SP the coating on the front element
  • Pentax is using what it considers the consumer grade silent motor on the lens, DC
  • The Pentax 560mm is WR
  • The Pentax 560mm hood is built in.
  • Pentax 560mm has a rounded aperture
  • Pentax 560mm has Quick Shift

I see a lot more in favor of the Sigma in this list, and things that make me wonder about the Pentax 560mm, but quick shift on the Pentax 560mm might be the best reason to go for it. $2000 buys a D600 though, $7,095.95 at B&H for the Sigma 500mm for Nikon and the D600.

Thank you

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