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Re: ha ha I knew it!!

Simon Joinson wrote:

Optical1 wrote:

I've grown quite tired of the activity on this forum since the introduction of m0d3rat0rs to the forum, and I'm ready to contribute elsewhere, which is disappointing since I really enjoy the community here for the most part. Aside from this forum, and (which I'm not particularly fond of due to the forum layout) what are our alternatives where we can discuss m43 gear?

We have no new moderators. You guys fight like kids in the playground and complain about each other more than most of the other forums added together. This means you get more moderation from the DPR staff.

We will soon introduce moderators selected from the community, who will act more transparently. Until then you have the same moderation you always had, and you bring this attention on yourselves.

I deleted a lot of threads this morning because they broke rule number 2:

Posts discussing moderator actions are not allowed and will be deleted.

Note that we will not discuss the moderation of posts that break the rules by discussing the moderation of users.


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Simon Joinson, Editor-in-chief

I'm permanently banned from Four Third forums for making fun of the over the top fanboyism of that forum.  Now, Simon has confirmed that this offspring forum is "worse" than the other forums.

I own lots of four third gears, own most SHG and HG glass but couldn't stand the "our four third will rule the world".  I own 8 mFT bodies, can also can't stand the "our mirrorless solution" is the best and this time we will rule the world.

Sorry, I just can't help making fun of the fanboys.

Love, love the line "you guys fight like kids .... more than most of the other forums added together".


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