Dropped my 5D Mark III - Send in for repair or not?

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Re: Dropped my 5D Mark III - Send in for repair or not?

Since the damage appears to be purely cosmetic, then the question whether it's worth getting fixed is an entirely subjective one.  You said something to the effect that it hurts you to look at the ding/scuff.  So the real question is how much you're willing to pay to make the "hurt" go away.

A lot of folks I know would just write this sort of thing off as part of the cost of using their camera.  To these folks, a camera is just a tool, after all, and some scratches, scuffs and dents are inevitable.

But to other folks, like me I freely admit, there's a certain pride of ownership that comes with owning a fine camera, and these kinds of folks like to keep their equipment in top condition, both funtionally and cosmetically.

So, if you're in the former group, and you're willing to accept that your new 5D3 is no longer perfect, I'd say move on.  But if you're the kind of person who will wince in pain every time they see the dent, then maybe it's worth paying even a fair amount of money to get it fixed.

One other point, regardless of all of the above, if you have any plans to resell the camera at some point in the future, my recommendation would be to get it fixed.   I think you'll have a hard time selling it with this kind of damage, both due to the cosmetic issue, but also because a potential buyer will be concerned about any unknown or undisclosed functional damage.  And although I can't be sure of this, my guess is that getting it fixed will likely cost you less than the drop in resell value if you don't get it fixed.  And finally, if you're planning to get it fixed before reselling, might as well do it now so you can take advantage of your refurbished camera.

My two cents.

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