Trying Out SX50 (When Weather Cooperates)...

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Susan Taylor
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Re: Trying Out SX50 (When Weather Cooperates)...

Well, I tried out the SX50 some more today but have a few concerns.  The EVF focusing is one as I wear glasses and find that it isn't as good a EVF as on my year-old Panasonic FZ150. Yes, I know I've read several notes that highlight using the LCD screen anyway over the EVF, but for me it's easier to use one or the other in various shots.  Also, I'm becoming more aware that I don't have to have such a long zoom for many shots; a shorter zoom suffices for me.  I know it's nice, but handheld shots at long zoom are often harder for me to "steady" and get successfully done. (And, yes, I know I need to get a tripod anyway.) There are a few other little "quirks" that I'm not sure about, so I guess the verdict is still out.  I'll keep playing for a while but right now am leaning toward sending it back and just being happy with my older FZ150.  One never knows until you hold the actual product and try it out anyway.

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