Hate to admit it, but I have the AF issue. Going to make a case with Nikon. Any advice?

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Re: Hate to admit it, but you are wrong.

M Powered wrote:

Why do some people care so much about using test targets to test AF? Do they plan on using the camera to shoot test targets? Or take actual photos?

Good question, but the fact is, it is good to know if your AF is working or not. Never the less, shooting test targets for days and days is insane.

My subjects are people in various lighting conditions, time after time left / right AF points are not accurate. Thats a problem. I don't need to freaken test target to tell me the AF is not accurate.

I agree, take pictures and if you are happy there is no problem. The thing is there is this "left AF issue" hysteria which can make you crazy if you don't know better.

I shoot with a Sony NEX7 also and never had any AF issues, do you "test target shooters" mean to tell me that the D800 AF is inferior to the Sony NEX7 AF?

The NEX is a mirrorless camera with CDAF only. CDAF is the same as live view AF of the D800 and as far as I know, nobody is complaining about the CDAF of the D800, only the PDAF.

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