Trying Out SX50 (When Weather Cooperates)...

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Susan Taylor
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Re: Trying Out SX50 (When Weather Cooperates)...

Augustin, the cat photo!  I so need a cat in our house right now.  Love it when the neighbor's cat comes over to socialize.  Our kitty (Felix) died almost two years ago of cancer and ever since then we've been "cat-less."  I and our daughter make trips to the local places where there are cats/kittens (shelter, Petco, Petsmart) for our "cat fix" where we at least get to look at and talk to them, if not hold them.  Saw the cutest two kittens at Petco the other day but we can't get them because they can't be declawed to be indoors.  My husband would kill any cat (or dog) that messed with his new leather recliner, so....we wait.  Thanks for sharing the photo!

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