SIGN PETITION Nikon d600 dust on sensor

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I've been telling people this for ages

CalifJewls wrote:

The one thing about forums is, that people that purchase products tend to come to forums to ONLY express their problems/issues with a certain it often seems as if every D600 sold has oil on the sensor issues.

I have had my D600 for 3 weeks, and 700+ photos later I do NOT have oil issues, yes 2 specks of dust, but that was taken care of with my blower.

So I guess the moral of my post is, I am on this forum and I am a very satisfied D600 owner with no current oil issues to speak of and if I do have any oil issues that occur I will simply clean my sensor as many other D600, D7000, D800, Canon, etc owners have done with success.

I simply can't be the ONLY one with NO oil issues..


You are absolutely right, and your statements echo what I've been trying to tell people for ages. It seems to be hard for people to imagine life outside DPreview, where a few threads on a specific "issue" which may or may not be user error, doesn't even represent 0.01% of D600 sales. Compounding on top of that is the fact that perhaps 9/10 (or more) will turn to forums to complain, but 1/10 (probably FAR less) come to forums to say "hey guys, my D600 is flawless", which the overwhelming majority of them are.

Makes me wonder if DPReview didn't exist, how many people would have ever noticed dust, oil, or AF issues. I'm guessing only a VERY small percentage would have come to the conclusion they had a "problem" unit all on their own.

For the record, my D600 and that of everyone else I know is perfect.  If I do ever get a speck of oil on my sensor, I will put on my big boy pants and take the 60 seconds required to clean my sensor rather than start threads and send it off to Nikon.

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