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Re: Alternatives to this forum?

bobn2 wrote:

Simon Joinson wrote:

1. We resize images for display but also offer a way to view the original. We always did this.

However, the way that you display images has changed considerably. Now you download them onto your own servers, whereas previously you deep linked them - that is a substantial difference, legally since it now means your server provides the image, rather than the image owner. The latter way, the owner retained control of the image.

2. We know there's problems with the way we deal with images and are working on a better solution (it's a priority)

Ironic that one of Detail Man's themes was the way that your site displays images, and the suggestion that displaying images was quite important on a photography web site. I'm sure it's coincidence, but it all adds to the impression that DPR is more inclined to ban people seen as critical of editorial policy.

3. We will allow you to delete uploaded images when the code is finished. You can always ask for a manual deletion until then. Note that none of this violates your copyright.

That last point is arguable. One might think that if someone was engaged in a copyright violation, then one might be wary of taking their word that there was no violation. I think that there is a tacit contract between you and your members that they are granting you some use of their images (for instance, you use a rolling banner of gallery images to promote the site, and it is quite possible that some people's galleries bring traffic to the site) in return for their membership rights. When you remove those rights I think that contract will end, and you should cease use of their images forthwith. Moreover, if you have encouraged people to use your gallery services and the removal of them does some damage, I would think that there is a case that you are liable for it. The argument that it is free doesn't hold water, because in the end you derive value from your members activities.

I would counsel anyone to beware using DPR's galleries for any serious purpose (that is why I don't) because their care of your intellectual property rights is non-existent, essentially you will lose control of your images.

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Bob, I wish I had seen your reply before I posted mine. I couldn't express me that clear and nice at the same time so my reply suddenly feels sissy.

Thank you for adding your thoughts on the matter.


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