Nikon UK Repair: Some Advice To Share

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Re: Wish I hadn't read this

57even wrote:

Bright Angel wrote:

57even wrote:

My camera is with them at the moment for oil removal under warranty.

My dealer packed it and sent it off so they know it was perfect when it left them and they packed it very well too. Luckily I have a very nice lawyer and a good understanding of consumer rights after a major issue with a radiator company.

How was the packaging they returned it in? Any chance there was something in the bag/box that caused the damage? I'm just saying it may be the postal service not Nikon, though looking at the damage it seems unlikely.

Good luck with yours.

No, the packaging was fine, plenty of bubble wrap.

The paint chips are strange, with them being all around the circumference.

I'm sending the lens back tomorrow, free of charge, for further inspection.

Hopefully, they'll see sense and repair it too.

A happy customer will spend money on extra equipment.

An unhappy customer won't.

Then, I'll send my 800 back, later in the month to get that rechecked.

The entire left side of the sensor seems out, LV and VF focusing.

But, that's another story.

Sorry to hear about your issues. To me this is really unacceptable but the law IS on your side. The damage looks very odd to me - not sure how one could possible do this oneself without almost deliberate mismanagement. I would almost be tempted to demand a replacement, then at least you will be haggling from different positions forcing them to up their game.

Just don't back down or take any nonsense. Nikon pride themselves as a professional camera maker and organisation and they really dare not get a reputation for shoddiness. Canon would eat their dinner in an instant.

Thank you.

The lens is out of it's warranty period.

And if they aren't accepting responsibility, I think the best I can hope for is a free fix.

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