Nikon UK Repair: Some Advice To Share

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Re: Wish I hadn't read this

Leif Goodwin wrote:

To state the obvious, it looks like they clamped it in something, and for some reason there was no padding. Didn't you have a thread about a lens being dicky? I recall you posted an example image of London and Tower Bridge. What was Nikon's conclusion?

Agreed about the clamping.

Yes I did, it was about Tower Bridge.

Here's a link to the report Nikon sent back about the D800 and the 24-70 lens I used for the shot.

(Sorry for not embedding it into the page, but DPR won't let me upload it from my PC or hosting site.

I've no idea why they replaced the bayonet mount etc on the lens. It wasn't damaged.

(Maybe they did more than chip the paint with that one ).

There's a lot of "if necessary" on the report, which doesn't help me to know if there was a specific problem or not.

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