Sorry olympus but you lost a loyal customer.

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Re: Sorry olympus but you lost a loyal customer.

Stacey_K wrote:

I've used olympus cameras from my first "serious" 35mm camera, an OM-1 back in the 70's. Later bought an Om-2n and an OM-4. Bought a dozen prime lenses for that system along with a bunch of macro stuff. I stuck with their manual focus system all the way into the digital age mainly because of the excellent optics.

I then bought an E1 with the 14-54, the 50-200 + an 11-22 as my first digital stuff. Later got an E300 and a 50mm macro and finally bought a E410 + pancake to carry around. I accepted I needed to buy new lenses and lost the investment in my OM glass. Until these latest m4/3, the sensor upgrades they have done seemed more sideways than moving forward, esp on higher ISO noise. I was waiting for what they accomplished with this OMD sensor.

I realized the earlier E camera had noise issues at higher ISO settings but believed in later years this sensor size disadvantage would become a moot point, which it has. What I didn't expect was for Olympus to dump making cameras that work with these lenses before that happened.

So now I have to buy a new mirrorless body I don't like + all new glass to get this better IQ I -could- get if they simply had put these same electronics into a Exx or EXXX dSLR body. Or I can buy their "pro" model with 4 year old sensor technology instead? Do they expect their customers to accept this or are they simply focused on trying to market to "new customers"?

Well whatever their reasoning, they have lost me as a customer. I just bought a Nikon D5100 and started in a new system. I would have loved if olympus had released a real DSLR with this great sensor technology they put in their m4/3 and I would finally be able to use these great DZ lenses to their full potential. That doesn't look likely to ever happen. I would have been happy to buy a new body. Instead I am an unhappy customer who will likely never buy their products again nor recommend them to anyone. My mistake I guess for believing in 4/3.

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Hello Stacey,

I find lot of logic in your reasoning: I do share your views and, who knows?, I might soon follow your path as far as my 4/3 gear is concerned.

Enjoy your new Nikon.



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