Panasonic 45-150mm arrived today

Started Nov 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Panasonic 45-150mm arrived today

MarcusBrody wrote:

carlosvp wrote:

So far: it seems decently sharp at the long end, sharper than the 45-200 is at 200.

But is it sharper than the 45-200 is at 150mm?

From my brief testing, it seems like it might be, yes - though the difference at 150mm isn't dramatic.  I'll have a better feel for it after I get a real chance to use the lens more.  It's certainly no worse than the 45-200 at 150, at any rate.

I need to look at these lenses side by side. I'm tempted by the even smaller size of the 40-150. If I could just afford the 100-300 as well for when I'm going to be looking for wildlife,

The size and the overlap with the 100-300 was the main reason I wanted the 45-150; I sold my 45-200 a few weeks ago in anticipation of getting this lens.  The size alone means that I will use it a lot more than I ever used the 45-200 - it's plenty small enough to have on as a daily carry-around lens, which wasn't exactly true of the 45-200.

And as you say, the 100-300 is for when you need the big guns.


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