Another over priced 5D III post.

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Re: Another over priced 5D III post.

marksee wrote:

I've notice (finally) a number of posts on this forum about the Canon overpricing the 5DIII on it's debut. I believe in free enterprise and charging what the market will bear. Heck, their isn't a company out there that wouldn't do the same, including photographers. I was OK with the original pricing of the 5DIII because it is a wonderful camera that fills most of my needs, but when I bought the 5DIII I did so with expectation that the price wouldn't dive within months. Still, what upsets me most is the lack of response by Canon to the original buyers who "feel" taken, and what upsets me second most is the response by members of this forum to posters here like me who feel taken. Canon watches these forums and take them into consideration when making marketing decisions. If you guys tell Canon in your replies that it's OK to overprice, which most of you do, then maybe it will be you next time that feels taken. I know now that I will never be first again with Canon's new releases. That will be my way of stating my position to Canon and their business practices. Finally, I have been a Canon (professional) photographer for over 45 years and will probably remain so. I'm just hoping that enough buyers will wait for new Canon debut prices to level after introduction and that Canon feels it in lower sales. Maybe then they will rethink their future marketing decisions. Lastly, to anyone that writes a negative response to this post, Canon is reading it, so please tell them that It's not OK to ignore buyers who feel taken.

My motto is

you need the latest and greatest only if you are making money out of that or its worth in other terms like status symbol, bragging rights, new baby etc etc

Else wait till your patience and market price and your affordability meet the point.

In the mean time improve your skills using existing tools.

Now the days people are so irresponsible, they buy the things either they don't need or  they can't afford. Once the new toy craze is over, reality settles in and they start whining.


I am waiting for the price to come down to $2750 for 5D3

Till that, I am happy with my T2i

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