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Re: D600 owner with no oil issues..

CalifJewls wrote:

The one thing about forums is, that people that purchase products tend to come to forums to ONLY express their problems/issues with a certain it often seems as if every D600 sold has oil on the sensor issues.

I have had my D600 for 3 weeks, and 700+ photos later I do NOT have oil issues, yes 2 specks of dust, but that was taken care of with my blower.

So I guess the moral of my post is, I am on this forum and I am a very satisfied D600 owner with no current oil issues to speak of and if I do have any oil issues that occur I will simply clean my sensor as many other D600, D7000, D800, Canon, etc owners have done with success.

I simply can't be the ONLY one with NO oil issues..


Yes I totally agree. I dont have oil either. Used the blower and a visible dust loupe and went in close with blower to targeted dust and made sure not to touch sensor with blower and got it all off. Still have one tiny tiny tiny spot at f16 but i can live with that till it is time to do a wet clean.   just took a lot lot lot lot of blowing

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